Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Best First Aid Kit for Best Breed of Dogs

Your Dog’s First Aid KitOne other absolute necessity in an emergency situation is a first aid kit for your dog. While this kit contains some items that may be in your first aid kit, a separate one holding only items for your pet is the most convenient and efficient way to handle this. Don’t forget to change/alter/adjust this list to your specific pet.

Ask your vet to give you some animal nausea pills. I like to refer to this as “puppy Dramamine,” although the vet will assign the appropriate medication for your dog. These could come in very handy. Stress and strange circumstances or car rides can make many pets nauseous or cause vomiting. If your pet is a dog or cat, a bottle of baby aspirin is excellent for treating the pain from sprains, strains and insect bites and stings. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide for wound disinfection.A bottle of saline solution for flushing eyes.

A tube of triple antibiotic ointment to prevent wound infection. Liquid bandage is great for pets because it can be tough to keep a traditional gauze bandage or adhesive bandage in place. Most dogs will scratch them off in minutes, or they will not stick appropriately because of their hair. A bottle of children’s Benadryl liquid for allergic reactions. This is also good for calming a nervous pet so they can sleep.

Aloe Vera gel for irritated skin or skin allergies. This is also an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that will treat burns and sunburn. It is perfectly natural and will not harm your dog if he licks it. Tweezers for removing ticks, fragments and other foreign objects that may be a problem in an emergency.A small pair of surgical scissors. These are great for trimming hair away from wounds, and for clipping knotty hair and burrs from your dog’s coat.**Hint – If you fill small plastic bottles with hydrogen peroxide, saline, and Aloe Vera, your entire first aid kit will fit in a little plastic box with a lid.

These items will see your best friend through an emergency situation without undue discomfort. If a severe emergency comes along, and you have made these preparations, you will find that it is far easier to care for your dog and see to his comfort until things return to normal.

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